I Love Walking My Dogs

One thing that gives me great happiness is seeing a pack of dogs walking. Whether they are walking in the park or in the street, looking at them just seems so therapeutic. A dog alone may be cute, but a pack of dogs is definitely so much cuter.

Imagine wiener dogs as a group. Tiny dogs with short legs and long bodies all walking and running around are definitely on top of the “Awww” and cuteness meter!

walking wiener dogs

This is the reason why I love walking my dogs. I get to exercise and at the same time, relieve myself from stress because of how adorable they are. My favorite part would be seeing them run on their short legs, always reminding me of a slinky!

Walking with my dogs is a habit that I have learned to enjoy. At first, it was hard for me because dogs wanted to go in different ways. In the end, I was able to learn how to control them and now walking with my dogs is an easy task.

In my experience, having a pet can be very difficult. Having more than one is more difficult even if they are all the same. Even if it’s difficult, it’s always so rewarding.

The best thing I have experienced as a pet owner is seeing my pets grow up to be healthy. They might not be able to talk like children and learn to say thank you, but the looks on their faces whenever I bring them food and cuddle with them definitely says something.

Walking my dogs is one of the most rewarding things I can do for myself. To see them walking around trying to pounce on rocks gives me great joy because it shows just how healthy and well taken care of they are.

MMA Fighter?

I’ve always love MMA fights…

I know that that’s a kind of sadistic taking pleasure from watching someone inflicting pain on others… but I love it.

Well fighters know all the risks and they’re paid to do it!

But why am I talking about MMA?

Because I wish I would be fit enough to be one.

I know that I’ll never be a professional MMA fighter… but I can try to be fit as they are… right?

And that was when I found out the coolest fitness program that I ever came across with.

I’m talking about Tacfit Commando by Scott Sonnon.

Scott is a fitness expert and instructor that has trained Navy Seals and MMA fighters.

So obviously this is the right program.

I’m slightly overweight, so it will be very hard to complete the entire plan.

But I’ve reset my mind set and I’m one of those universal soldiers from Van Damme’s movie that has only one thing in mind: his mission! :)

I’m quite excited to start.

My someday I post a video of me inside the octagon… Just kiddin’… I’ll be happy to lose some weight and be fit enough!

navy seals

Navy Seals with Scott Sonnon

Reason to Lose Weight

I have a very close friend that likes to eat a lot…

The problem is that he doesn’t like activity…

So whenever I see him… he’s with a beer on one hand and a burger on the other.

Yesterday I had a huge (positive) discussion with him about losing some weight. About the positives aspects of losing weight… and man… the guy was in absolutely denial… for each positive reason he would rebate it and turn it around.

Reason 1 – If you lose weight you’ll be healthier

My friend says that’s not entirely true… because in his case if doesn’t eat what he wants he’ll be more stressed and that will cause him health issues!? In denial… When someone decides to lose weight at first things will be hard… if you’re used to eat whatever appears in front of you and you are all day sitting or lying on the couch watching TV it will be very hard to change this habits… and yes… probably one will be more stressed. But an important aspect of losing weight is the change your mind set and commit to your goals… and that’s perhaps the most difficult thing to do at first. But regarding health issues there is not doubt the fat = not healthy!

Reason 2 – You’ll be more attractive…

Well… he says he likes overweight woman… and that is totally OK! He doesn’t like them skinny! And that’s also OK. He confusing attractiveness with skinny models that only exist because of the fashion industry!

Strong is the new skinny! Girls and women with toned bodies… that is HEALTHY! That is attractive. And the same applies to men!


Reason 3 – Exercise makes you happier!

HE says exercises makes him sad… He told me that if there was a miracle weight loss pill he might take it…

Actually there are a few supplements that act like appetite suppressant that are showing good results, like garcinia cambogia extract advanced… That can be a part of the equation… but you have to include changing in your diet and exercise.

Another friend of mine had several severe digestive problems and he was slightly overweight. He started running with a group of friends… and now he’s is totally addicted. He lost weight and has to take no more pills for his digestive issues. And he seems much happier now.

I still couldn’t get him to change his mind… but I’m positive that I’ll do so! That’s what friends are for… right?

I need to… slim down!

Me, myself and I need to slim down…

The summer is coming and I need impress the ladies…

I was thinking of using one of does miracle weight loss supplements like high quality saffron extract

This one was featured on Dr. Oz show. I think it works by controlling appetite, which in fact my problem…

Anyone has have any experience (positive or negative) with this supplement?

Me, Myself & I

In this blog I’ll talk about everything…

…about my life…

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well… about whatever I’m in the mood to write about!

I don’t expect to have visitors, views or comments…

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